In the beginning dogs and cats ate raw.....

They were never designed to eat cooked or grain-based diets. We may not like the idea of the food chain, but it is as it is – Don’t mess with Mother Nature!

Many of our customers think of us as a "Health Food Store" for dogs and cats.
  • We specialize in raw diet feeding for dogs and cats
  • We assist our customers with nutritional counseling and "problem Solving" for pet health issues
  • We offer many unique and "hard to find" raw food, nutritional supplements and holistic remedies not generally found in regular pet stores

Our Core Beliefs.......
  • A sound nutritional foundation is the best way to allow the body to prevent and correct health problems and disease
  • While you cannot correct genetic problems inherent to your pet due to breed and breeding practices, proper nutrition provides the best chance for a healthy and long life
  • There are many "Natural and Holistic" alternatives to pharmaceutical and surgical options

Our Customers and their Pets are Part of our Family
We're here to help if you have a questions about any of our products or would like to discuss a particular pet health issue please contact us at:

Pet Orlando

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