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What is Insect Shield?
Insect Shield® Repellent Apparel and Insect Shield® Repellent Gear are revolutionary products designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. The durable protection provided by Insect Shield apparel and gear is the result of years of research and testing. In July 2003, Insect Shield Repellent Apparel was registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.Insect Shield apparel and gear products combine the Insect Shield process with a proprietary formulation of the insect repellent permethrin—resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product.

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Insect Shield Dogs & Bones Bandanas

Ideal for dogs who spend time outdoors, these exclusive Insect Shield® Dogs & Bones Bandanas feature a proprietary permethrin formula bound tightly to fabric fibers for unparalleled protection from harmful biting insects.

Our Price: $6.65
Insect Shield Neck Gaiters

Made of stretchy, breathable fabric that can be worn around the neck or over the head, Insect Shield® Neck Gaiters can be worn with other Insect Shield apparel items for maximum protection against harmful biting insects!

Our Price: $11.99
Insect Shield Premium Tees

Available in carrot or fern with contrasting grey on sleeves and neck, our Insect Shield® collection gets a sporty update with these Raglan Tees! Each tee is treated with a patent-pending process that tightly binds proprietary permethrin formula to fabric fibers, offering unmatched protection from a wide array of harmful pests.

Our Price: $16.99
Insect Shield Reversible Bed

The future of comfortable insect protection is here! Soft and cozy Insect Shield® Reversible Beds feature built-in insect protection to keep pets safe from harmful, biting insects.

Our Price: $24.99
Insect Shield Protective Safety Vest

Featuring two reflective strips for added visibility and safety in low light, Insect Shield® Safety Vests not only protect dogs during evening walks — they help repel harmful biting insects, too!

Our Price: $31.99
Insect Shield Blanket

Whether lounging in the woods or relaxing at the park, Insect Shield® Blankets provide safe and odorless insect protection for pets who love the outdoors. Treated with a patent-pending process that tightly binds a proprietary permethrin formula to fabric fibers, these innovative blankets retain their effectiveness for up to 25 launderings.

Our Price: $32.99
Insect Shield Ultra Bed

Protect pets from harmful pests while they're lounging on the patio or by the pool! Insect Shield® Ultra Beds are treated with a patent-pending process that binds a proprietary permethrin formula tightly to fabric fibers — resulting in safe, odorless, and effective insect protection.

Our Price: $59.99
Insect Shield Cargo Area Covers

Designed to fit most station wagons and SUVs, these versatile Insect Shield® Cargo Covers serve two important purposes — protect vehicles from pet dander and debris, and protect pets from harmful, biting insects!

Our Price: $59.99